Product description
Open and close your electric curtains, shutters and sunshades from your smartphone, tablet or with any home voice control devices, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home. This Smart Curtain Controller can also be set to operate when other Nedis® SmartLife are switched on and off, so your curtains close when a light is switched on, for example.

Easy to set up
The Smart Curtain Controller is simple to set up, connecting wirelessly to your Wi-Fi router and requiring no separate hub.

It’s sleek and easy-to-clean glass front blends into your interior, and yet this discrete unit is powerful enough to support systems of up to 300 W.

Schedule and pair
The app that provides the brains behind this Smart Curtain Controller allows you to intuitively set time schedules for your curtains (ideal for everyday living and a great security feature if you are away from home for a while) as well as pair it to other products to create your own connected smart home system.

• Allows control via touch buttons, remotely and automatically – to place you in control
• Integrates with Google Home and Amazon Alexa – to give you the option of voice control
• Easy to set up – connects directly to your Wi-Fi router
• Can be controlled by time schedules or paired with other connected appliances – to allow automatic operation or offer you control of several appliances at once
• Subtle orientation light – to help you find the switch in the dark

Package contents
Smart wall switch
Quick start guide


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