Product description
Stay connected with this compact and lightweight Nedis® walkie-talkie. Even in remote places which don’t always have a strong mobile network, this walkie-talkie has a reliable 8-kilometre communication range. Super convenient if you go hiking, camping or for any thinkable indoor and outdoor adventure.
With 8 channels and 38 CTCSS codes (subchannels) each, its not very likely someone else is tuned to the same channel, which prevents interference and guarantees your conversations to stay private.
The walkie-talkie incorporates Voice Activated Transmit (VOX) – as soon as you start talking, the walkie-talkie switches on automatically perfect for hands-free use. Equipped with a built-in LED light in case you need additional illumination.

• Communication range of up to 8 kilometres (in open field areas)
• 8 channels with 38 subchannels each – prevents interference from other 2-way radios
• 446 MHz technology – for a reliable, wireless connection
• VOX function – for hands-free communication
• LED light providing clear illumination
• 2.5 hours continuous talk time and 24 hours stand-by time
• 2.5 mm port to connect a set of headphones
• Micro USB connection to replenish rechargeable batteries without removing them from the battery compartment
• Compact design – easy to take with you

Package contents
2x walkie talkie
2x belt clip
Quick start guide


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